What is Larimar?

How it was Discovered

Larimar was discovered in 1974 by Miguel Méndez, a local Dominican, and Norman Rilling, a visiting US Peace Corps volunteer. Together, they named the stone after Méndez's daughter 'Larissa' by combining the first letters of her name 'Lari' with 'mar', the Spanish word for 'sea'. To this day, larimar remains one of the most beautiful and rare gemstones in the world. It is only found in one place in the world - one square kilometer (approximately ½ square mile!) in the mountains above Baoruco in the Dominican Republic! 

LARIMAR is a volcanic stone, the result of volcanic activity that occurred millions of years ago!  It’s a form of pectolite, and although pectolite is found in nearly every hemisphere, none have the unique volcanic blue coloration of Larimar.  Pectolite is normally gray or white, yet pectolite from that one location in the world is a beautiful blue pectolite – that which we know and love as Larimar!  

Metaphysical Properties 

Larimar is not only a rare and beautiful stone reminiscent of the clear blue waters that surround the area that it comes from in the Caribbean, but it is said to be a stone that promotes feelings of serenity and works on the throat chakra, opening the doors of communication helping us to speak from the heart while aiding emotional strength and stability.

Qualities: feminine power (goddess energy) said to help with: relaxation, confidence, relaxed knowledge of one's potential, cools hot tempers, soothes hot flashes and discomfort from shifting kundalini energy, unleashing the voice of deeper innate wisdom, release from unhealthy bonds, summoning inner feminine wisdom.

Why own Larimar?

Other than its metaphysical properties to help relieve stress, calm your senses, and help with your emotional well being, wearing a Larimar stone boosts your self-confidence. Larimar is a very rare, unique, and precious stone that can be a substitute for Turquoise, Jade, Aquamarine, and other precious stones that come to your mind. Larimar also makes the perfect present gift for any occasion. Its sky blue color and aspect, quality, and rareness provides a great sentimental value. Larimar stone is the perfect jewelry piece for beauty and fashion. Its uniqueness and color make it a good personal accessory for style and going out with your friends or significant other giving you security and beauty.  Wearing this stone will simply make everyone go WOW!