Care & Cleaning

Your Hidden Cove jewelry has been well-crafted and is made of high quality materials so it can be enjoyed for many years if cared for properly. The following suggestions will help to protect its value and beauty!

  • You may clean your Larimar using warm soapy water and a soft brush.
  • Please refrain from using chemical cleaners and ultrasonic cleaners.
  • Avoid contact with harsh chemicals and liquids.
  • Larimar contains a hydrophane property. Meaning it can absorb a small amount of liquid. Absorbing any foreign substance other than water may alter your Larimar's look.
  • It is recommended to remove Larimar jewelry before participation in any activities that may be considered abrasive to Larimar. Examples include: showering, swimming, gardening, dishes etc.
  • Refrain from storing your Larimar jewelry in extreme dry or extreme moisture environments for long periods of time.
  • These care tips will keep your Larimar bright and happy for a lifetime!