About Us

Hidden Cove Jewels was created in 2017 with the goal of providing Larimar to the masses at an affordable price. The company’s mission is rooted in our desire to give back to the locals who mine this stone in the Dominican Republic. By working hand-in-hand with local miners and craftsmen, we are able to provide a living for the hard-working men and women who create the jewelry you see in our store.

Each piece we sell is 100% handmade in the Dominican Republic and a contribution of every purchase is given directly the craftsmen and miners of our larimar. When we sell larimar, we don’t just sell a stone; we sell the story of the people who made it.


This is Christian, our head craftsman. Through the jewelry we sell, Christian is able to provide a living for his three employees and fund his children’s school expenses.

It is our goal to provide not only a sustainable living for our craftsmen, but a flawless buying experience for our customers. We invite you to browse our shop and ask questions about any piece you want. We’d love to assist you in purchasing a beautiful piece of larimar!